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Value of Biosphere Earth, 1-The Life Timeline

A 7-minute summary of what Science says about the history of Life.
Biosphere Earth is the composition of life and living ecosystems that make human life possible. This series, "The Value of Biosphere Earth", seeks to connect people of all backgrounds to a greater relationship with that reality by sharing synopses of the current scientific record. In this episode, The Life Timeline, BioIntegrity founder/director Chris Searles shares the most recent science on the history of Life's development on our planet. For a complete list of the citations referenced in this post, check out this Google Doc.
Earth three billion years ago and today.
Microbial Earth (NASA, 2017) and modern Earth (NASA, 2000).

Science’s timeline of Life’s history on Earth.
Graphic by Chris Searles.

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About This Podcast
Biosphere Earth's rescue and ongoing integrity is our most urgent, essential, and powerful climate solution and economic priority. This series talks about why and how. Read the two paragraphs on the history of life discussed in this podcast here.

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The music heard at beginning and end of this podcast comes from Ralph Vaughan Williams' piece The Lark Ascending, recorded by The Academy of St. Martin in the Fields and Sir Neville Marriner in 1986. You can purchase that recording here. Also featured is a snippet of Vaughan Williams’ Five Variants of Dives and Lazarus from the same album. 

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