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What Do We Do Now?

How to stop and reverse climate change this decade and this century by repairing land ecosystems, restoring biodiversity, and advancing our way of life.

Value of Biosphere Earth, 3-Ecosystem Services

Earth's "ecosystem services" are the most valuable thing we have. Here's a 14-minute overview of the science on the value of "Ecosystem Services" to humans.

Value of Biosphere Earth, 2-A Self-Generating "Stack"

Earth's Life-support system is our most essential priority. Here's a 10-minute summary of the science on its architecture. Notes also include a system graph.

Value of Biosphere Earth, 1-The Life Timeline

A 7-minute summary of what Science says about the history of Life.

Value of Biosphere Earth-Intro

A 5-minute background on the series, "The Value of Biosphere Earth."

Speed reading of Earth's "Ecosystem Services"

BioIntegrity's founder reads 75 of Earth's ecosystem services as fast as he can.

Janene Yazzie on Next Steps

Janene Yazzie is an outstanding Navajo American leader. Here are a few highlights from her interview with Vance Blackfox on AllCreation.org.

"The Value of Biosphere Earth"

A reading of the paper, "The Value of Biosphere Earth."

Thoughts on Bezos & the Biosphere (A Fundraising Ask)

Thoughts on how wealth has distracted humans from Life-support system reality, created the belief that we can't stop the cultural paradigm of Economy, first, and that Biosphere is where the solutions are.

BioIntegrity's Six-Legged Table

A quick overview of our integrated model for achieving the global enviromental solution.

Fundraising Ask + Big Thoughts on Drought Response

Chris Searles (director, BioIntegrity) asks for support and talks about a decadal response to today's global, drought emergency.

Response to "The Amazon used to be the lungs of the planet. Not anymore"

Civilization is destroying The Amazon, Earth's most productive ecosystem. How do we respond to this and today's "self-destructive economics"? Change the model. Change the social and economic model. This podcast is about embracing biospheric realism, the opportunities that offers, and calling for real change now.

Response to "UN says World has 10 months," and an update on BioIntegrity 2.0

On Feb. 26, 2021, The United Nations clarified that nations have 10 months to get serious on their climate pledges. Here's a response from BioIntegrity founder/director, Chris Searles, especially for the BioIntegrity community.

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