BioIntegrity began in late 2014 as a research project pursuing 'the #1 solution to climate change and the species extinction crisis.' Founder Chris Searles' extensive research led him to the conclusion that protecting old growth tropical forests was that solution. But at the same time, global mappings and conservation science clearly show that humanity has overgrown its self-destructive economy and is now not only facing climate "collapse", but also life support system collapse; which is to say, biodiversity and ecosystem collapse. It's been stated in numerous recent studies that we have less than 10 years to transform the global economy in such a way that we rescue our Civilization, our climate, and our only life support system. The good news is, the science clearly shows that community-based, biodiverse, wilderness stewardship is required, if civilization, our climate, and our life support system are to continue. It's also profitable and risk-averting (https://www.campaignfornature.org/protecting-30-of-the-planet-for-nature-economic-analysis). BioIntegrity believes humanity is at the beginning of a great re-balancing in our economy and in the advancement of our purpose and identities. This podcast endeavors to explore and move those ideas forward.

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