The Value of Biosphere Earth, #1: It Builds Itself

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(INTRO) Hi, Chris Searles here from bio integrity. And I am rebooting the series of podcasts on the value of biosphere Earth.

This research actually was completed about a year and a half ago about setting a new basis for the way we understand our relationship with this planet, and with our own bodies and our own lives.

And so this series, the value of biosphere Earth, I think, stands and will stay on for a very long time. Meanwhile, the recording I made a year and a half ago was not very good and incomplete. The third reason we are re recording this is simply because the way I've organized the series parts one through eight, is really how it makes sense linearly from a scientific perspective. But I think what we're gonna do is change the order. So we are all on the same page, those listening to this series.

And what we're talking about here is the biosphere. What it is this life support system that we are dependent on, that is comprised of other life.

So in other words, the premise of this whole series is that the most important thing to us in the entire universe is the other life on this planet. Because it comprises the only known human life support system in the universe. So here we go.

(READING THE PAPER) The value of biosphere Earth, a self generating stack, paragraph number one:

(READING THE PAPER) How do the clothes you're wearing right now relate to quote, the biosphere. The Oxford English Dictionary defines biosphere as, quote, the regions of a planet occupied by organisms. But this definition is misleading. Earth's biosphere is far more significant. There is no other planet known to contain organisms at this time, after 1000s surveyed. In fact, NASA has now surveyed over 4000 planets. More importantly, while science doesn't fully understand how our only life support system works, it has established that the rich foundation for human existence, and our way of life is Earth's simple and complex life. Earth's biosphere if the clothes you're wearing right now, are made of cotton, or leather, or wool, or bamboo, or silk, or even synthetic fibers. They come from one of Earth's other organisms. Everything we have, from thoughts and feelings, to clothes, and the internet is a result of living inside of this biosphere, biosphere Earth.

(READING THE PAPER) Paragraph number two: smarter than our computers.

(READING THE PAPER) How does your phone do all of those amazing things. It's a stack. It's a quote software stack, an architecture of components, operating systems, databases, protocols and so on. Which work together to run a program or application originated by humans. Software depends on our ability to power it. There's no mystery there. But by contrast, the occurrence, architecture and generation of biosphere Earth is scientifically speaking, miraculous. Biosphere Earth builds itself, organism by organism, resulting in a system more complex, intelligent, varied and integrated, that our brains can conceive. As of this writing, not even one organisms animation, identity, ability to self compose, ability to adapt to changing circumstances, ability to interact with other organisms, or total contribution to our planetary life support system. None of these things have been mapped or explained by civilization or the developed world's science, religion or philosophies or knowledge traditions have yet to base themselves in recognition of our only life support systems, self generating stack

(COMMENTS) So the analogy I'm trying to draw here, if it's not clear, is that what is miraculous about our life support system is that it exists at all. From a scientific level, we don't understand why life comes into being where it comes from what this life force that animates matter into physical bodies. What that is. We all know that we experience life inside our bodies, but we're also more of a passenger in our bodies, then a pilot at the end of the life experience. Same thing with this sort of culmination of life support system, integrated aspects, which have now over billions of years, which we'll learn about in the next podcast, the timeline of life development on Earth, over billions of years created conditions that ultimately lead to a planetary life support system that looks to us like everyday normal life where there's oxygen and relatively good climate up until recently.

And so the real historical picture is that that's a pretty recent and short term occurrence. And that the overall structure of the life support system is analogous to a software stack, in that you've got at its basis. And this is in the paper, if you click on the link and look at the diagram and the paper, at its basis, are the inanimate pieces, the sort of hardware pieces, the rocks, the minerals, the chemicals, and then the climate conditions themselves on this particular planet, the amount or the temperature, rather, the amount of moisture.

And on top of that microbes developed microbes we believe now through the science developed at least 4 billion years ago. And it wasn't until 600 million years ago, that the first sort of macro life began to appear. And so we know of that as plants and animals, but proceeding and occurring sort of simultaneously with that is soils and fungi. And proceeding that is the Protista. And so this, if you think vertically, this integration of rocks, minerals, chemicals, climate conditions, microbes, and then plants, animals, on top of Protista, soils, and fungi, this led to the current day, food, atmosphere, and freshwater, and so on, and so forth, products that we kind of rely on.

All of these things are part of this larger system that is self healing. It's self correcting, it seems to go in the direction of over the long term, more abundance, more prolific diversity. And human beings of late have really drastically interrupted that. Partly, I think, because we don't understand its history, and what it is. And so I'll leave you with this last thought. Again, if you click on the link and look at the paper, there's a simple image that shows at the top of the paper, biosphere Earth 3 billion years ago created by NASA and it's basically a pink planet or salmon colored planet. Because there's only microbial life at that time, 3 billion years ago. And then right next to that, a picture of Earth today, the blue green home that we have.

Just consider everything that has occurred to create that blue green infrastructure. The only non life support system in the visually accessible universe, much less the actually accessible universe. So thank you for listening. And please check out part two. Thanks again.

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