Response to "The Amazon used to be the lungs of the planet. Not anymore"

Civilization is destroying The Amazon, Earth's most productive ecosystem. How do we respond to this and today's "self-destructive economics"? Change the model. Change the social and economic model. This podcast is about embracing biospheric realism, the opportunities that offers, and calling for real change now.
Thoughts on the severity of the day — biospheric recession and becoming the “next” generation. This podcast is re: the recent Fast Company article, "The Amazon used to be 'the lungs of the planet.' Not anymore" and related academic research. Scientifically, the Amazon is the heart of our life support system and the greatest of the productive ecosystems. It is no doubt in retreat and radically threatened today by global warming and human abuse. How do we respond? This isn't just an Amazon problem..... This podcast identifies the basis for change from the top and advancing our known future with biospherically-led economic revolution. Let us embrace biospheric realism today and the opportunities it brings even in nascent form. Let us call for real change now. This is BioIntegrity 2.0.

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