Fundraising Ask + Big Thoughts on Drought Response

Chris Searles (director, BioIntegrity) asks for support and talks about a decadal response to today's global, drought emergency.
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  • Thank you Jane Lowrimore, Linda Miller-Raff and Dr. Anne-Marie Thomas for their recent donations! Thank you also to CJ Abdo, new monthly contributor!
  • The fundraising ask (short)
  • We need something we can all agree on, how about continuation of the only Life-Support System?
  • We are now living in the era of the broken climate system. 
  • Think in decades for the solution to take shape: next eight years (the 2020s), next ten after that (2030s), and the next ten (2040s): Regrow stability. Transition out of life-support system destruction economics and practices. The next 8 years should be focused on successful paradigm change: Optimizing our Life-Support System's integrityProtect, Regrow, and Integrate the Wilderness Continuum, some rationale:
    • Our most reliable social and environmental solution
    • Our quality of life determiner
    • Our continuation determiner
    • Our best response to Climate Change, biodiversity extinctions, food system collapse, overpopulation, biospheric collapse, poverty, preventing / mitigating / being resilient to / and recovering from extreme weather, drought, pollution, and more
  • Maximizing biospheric integrity is the best global drought crisis response. 
    • Micro climate = wilderness integrity and richness.
    • Life wants to live.
    • There only good reasons for rescuing and restoring Earth's biointegrity. 
    • Restoration of the wilderness continuum offers more beneficial facets (returns on investment) at greater scale than any other solution. 
  • The .1% have more than enough resources to fund this. 


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