BioIntegrity's Six-Legged Table

A quick overview of our integrated model for achieving the global enviromental solution.
In this podcast BioIntegrity director Chris Searles provides a brief overview of what each table leg means to BioIntegrity's new organizational model and identity, and proposes the world's .1% wealthiest entities (individuals, corporations, funds, institutions, etc.) invest 5% of their net worths in rescuing the only life-support system's remaining old growth wildernesses and transitioning today's economy into a regenerative economy. The rest of this decade should be focused on successfully achieving this paradigm change in order to overcome today's global challenges. Our primary goal: de-fragmentation of the global wilderness continuum by 2040; emergency-scale protection, regrowth and integration of wilderness integrity on Earth.

The Six Table Legs
  • Life-support system
  • Biodiversity relationships
  • Life force reality 
  • Personal healing
  • Indigeneity
  • Advancement of humanity
"The next eight years should be focused on successful paradigm change."

"Science shows us where to focus. Indigenous people show us how."

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