Thoughts on Bezos & the Biosphere (A Fundraising Ask)

Thoughts on how wealth has distracted humans from Life-support system reality, created the belief that we can't stop the cultural paradigm of Economy, first, and that Biosphere is where the solutions are.
"We have built our society on a number of paradigms that are not rooted in Life-support system reality." In this podcast, BioIntegrity founder Chris Searles shares on the idea that wealth monarchies have propagated the paradigms that whatever's best for those who have the most is best for society, and society can live on material wealth alone. Recorded on a morning walk across a 3,000 acre pecan farm in West Texas about 100 miles from Jeff Bezos' recent launch into space. 


"Biodiversity is the biosphere. Biosphere is everything to us."

"The guardians of the biosphere are not the nations, it's the Indigenous people who still have occupation of their ancestral lands. The paradigm shift that we need to make is to empower indigenous leadership, on Earth, especially for those who are on their ancestral lands now -- they are the guardians of our Life-support system."

"We must call on private wealth to be the change. Every entity that has a net worth of $30 million or more should put a small portion of their wealth right now into advancing humanity by protecting the remaining wilderness, by regrowing the wilderness continuum, and transitioning the economy away from being self-destructive."

"Everything is possible. We have the mathematics. We just have to focus that ingenuity on biospheric reality, Life-support system reality."

"Living in the life-support system paradigm has embedded in it the resolution of a lot of the negativities that have come from the wealth monarchy system; the racism, the mysogyny, the subjugation of people who have less than... There is really a requirement that we employ the best of ourselves in the project of caring for the only life-support system in the known universe, and restoring Earth's biointegrity."

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