"The Value of Biosphere Earth"

A reading of the paper, "The Value of Biosphere Earth."
BioIntegrity founder / director, Chris Searles, reads his paper, "The Value of Biosphere Earth" -- an academic consideration of Earth's life-support system as our primary economic, social, climate, and cultural-advancement priority this decade. This is the first draft. We are welcoming all forms of feedback at this time. Send your comments to chris "dot" searles "at" biointegrity.net.

Read the full paper, The Value of Biosphere Earth = All Economic Value + All Life Value, here: https://mcusercontent.com/4f8c6cb2fda71eae586f9b913/files/1e76a561-2f4c-cd92-e3ec-a1576df7484d/The_Value_of_Biosphere_Earth_Searles_Draft_1_8_20_21_.pdf

The paper contains 13 pages of citations and just eight pages of text. Here is how the paper is organized:: 
  • Abstract
  • I. There's Only One Life-Support System
  • II. How Our Life-Support System is Constructed. 
  • III. The Value of Biosphere Earth. 
  • IV. The Most Valuable Thing in the Universe. 
  • V. Biospheric Rescue as Our #1 Priority. 
  • Epilogue
  • Citations
  • Addendum
Addtional Info
We are planning on publishing the final draft of this paper on Sept. 20.
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