Janene Yazzie on Next Steps

Janene Yazzie is an outstanding Navajo American leader. Here are a few highlights from her interview with Vance Blackfox on AllCreation.org.
Janene Yazzie is an entrepreneur, community organizer and human rights advocate from the Navajo Nation. She has an extensive bio. Janene is perhaps best known as co-founder/CEO of Sixth World Solutions, a consultancy focused on rights-based approaches to development, which center on Indigenous Peoples rights and traditional ecological knowledge, and as the International Indian Treaty Council's co-convener of the Indigenous Peoples Major Group to the United Nation's High Level Political Forum on the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

About this podcast
Janene is interviewed here by Cherokee citizen Vance Blackfox. This segment comes from the Fall 2021 issue of AllCreation.org guest edited by Vance and presented by BioIntegrity. Learn more about the issue here.

"For everything we have done wrong, we are capable of creating a solution to heal that, to address it, to take responsibility for it, and to create a new way.” 

“When we invest in right relationship with those around us and with other forms of sacred life, non-human life, that’s how we win.” 

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