Evolving the COPs into Something More Meaningful

Hello! Chris Searles is director of BioIntegrity Partnerships. In this podcast he reads his blog on how to make the UN's annual climate conferences more meaningful, for all parties. Read the blog here.

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"Redefine Wealth to Wellth. What are the right values for humans individually and together this century and for the next 1,000 years?"

"Grow-back the climate and De-carbonize the economically-dominant immediately: that’s the right focus."

"Forests are multi-taskers. Done right, protecting / regrowing / enriching forests is our most effective primary solution for climate stability. It’s not the only solution, but it’s the first one because it matters most."

"Improving the Food System is profitable, today, and it’s 100% of the carbon solution this decade. Groups like PlantWithPurpose.org show how Agroforestry, Regenerative Agricultural practices and Savings Co-ops are already lifting around 1,000,000 people out of poverty — and growing every year."

"To make the COPs more meaningful: We need a global culture seeking Wellth, rooted in Kinship and Biospheric Reality, with a vision for realizing an economics of inclusion, opportunity, generosity, and Abundance."

1:00 Credit is due
2:30 Reality, though
6:itshe Point
7:20 The Way Out
10:45 Seeing the forest and the trees
15:00 More Meaningful COPs


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