What Do We Do Now?

How to stop and reverse climate change this decade and this century by repairing land ecosystems, restoring biodiversity, and advancing our way of life.
From the Austin Community College Honors Program and Office of Sustainability's Earth Week celebrations, in Austin, TX, Earth Day, 2022: "What do we do now?" presented by Chris Searles, director of BioIntegrity.net. [Watch the Zoom video of this podcast on Facebook or YouTube.] 

This Zoom is QUITE noisy for the first 5 minutes, thanks for your patience! 


0:00 Intro
0:25 What is “the biosphere”?

I. Some Good News
0:50 What you can do now:
1:15 Tropical Forests
2:20 The Systemic Climate Solution: http://tinyurl.com/systemic-cs
3:45 Our Life-Support System
4:45 BioIntegrity’s planetary impacts
6:45 Ecosystems over Technology
7:00 Protect Tropical Forest: biointegrity.net/solutions ($2/acre)

II. What’s Going On Here
7: 45 No Reason to Care?

Reason #1 Humans over Nature?
8:00 Genesis 1:26, “the dominion verse”
8:50 “Dominionism”: https://tinyurl.com/allcreation-domin...
9:15 Jewish dominion: “Humans are God’s partners in bettering the creation.”
9:45 Islamic dominion: “You are answerable to God for what you do with the animals, the plants…”
11:00 Christian dominion: “To figure out how to live well in our places with each other.”
11:30 Reclaiming Genesis “dominion”: 1) Agrarian context, 2) Theocentric identity, 3) Christians are care providers, 4) Discipleship of caring change.

Reason #2 50,000 more years?
14:10 We could have 50,000 more years of a stable climate

Reason #3 “The environment” is our life-support system
14:30 The forgotten memory
15:00 Biosphere Earth = Life & living systems
15:55 The Value of Biosphere Earth: https://www.biointegrity.net/value.html
16:00 The quick history of Life
16:40 The value of ecosystems: Life, life-support & ecosystem services

Reason #4 We are collapsing our Life-system now
18:00 Bad news science: A top 10
20:00 Rapid growth of a biospherically-destructive system
21:00 Biodiversity is in the greatest crisis of all things today

III. Recenter on the Biosphere
21:30 Biospheric Reformation: 2 Priorities
23:10 One question: “Does it strengthen or weaken the life-support system”

IV. The Biospheric Climate Solution
(Fixing Agriculture + Ending Deforestation + Restoring Land Biosphere)
23:30 Looking at what we gain by regrowing the most bio-productive ecosystems Earth
24:20 This strategy could take us out of the climate crisis within 10 to 30 years
25:45 Carbon
32:40 Sponge
33:30 Cooling
35:20 Irrigation
36:15 Self-care
37:45 Weaves
38:20 The lymphatic system of the planet
39:30 Circulation
41:00 We have the potential to stop & reverse Climate Change
41:20 The main priorities

V. Necessity & Promise 
42:00 Reversing our collapse
42:45 Biospheric Reformation
43:45 Indigenous People 1st
44:30 Even “clean tech” must fit into biospheric reality 
45:00 Add these values 
45:25 How to support systemic changes (slide): 1) Indigenous Rights, 2) Regenerative Agriculture, 3) Globally-strategic protection & restoration of biodiversity
45:45 Technology

VI. Wrap Up
45:55 What We Covered
46:45 Upward Spiral Economics
“Forests bring the rain.”

47:00 Q&A
47:15 Citizen Climate Lobby & carbon fees good?
48:15 What’s more viable for carbon capture: nature or technology?
“We need to make our economics empower Nature to be the solution.”
52:45 What can we do at home?
55:00 How can the environmental movement learn from its mistakes and connect better with more people?
58:30 Who do we reach out to help support Indigenous people in stewarding the land?


Thanks for watching.
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